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Struggling to Understand Google?

Search engines constantly move the goalpost for small businesses. What worked years ago no longer produces the same results. It can be confusing to sort out what search engines require for ranking now.

And SEO is becoming increasingly technical. If you’re having trouble sorting out terms like robots.txt, canonical, and cumulative layout shift, you aren’t alone.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

These factors hurt conversion rates and revenue numbers.

An SEO audit is the first step to correct these common problems. Jump to our audit packages and pricing.

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When to Order an SEO Audit: 5 Reasons

When is an audit useful? Fluctuating search rankings directly affect the bottom line. A thorough SEO audit can identify problems even before they affect traffic and earnings.

Here are five reasons to order an SEO audit.

A custom website audit can help diagnose traffic losses and growth inhibitors.

  • If you feel that your growth has hit a ceiling, an audit can find what’s limiting you.
  • If you were hit by a recent Google algorithm update, an audit is the only way to determine points of failure.

Now, on to what an SEO audit can do for you.

Here’s how much an audit will cost.

Two Types of SEO Site Audits

We offer two types of audits: technical and content. Our Complete Site Audit includes both technical and content audits for a full picture of your site health.

Here’s what they each cover.

What Your Technical Audit Uncovers (Price)

  1. Crawlability: Analyze the robots.txt file to ensure the search engines can read everything you want them to. We’ll check for crawling conflicts, errors, and incorrect 404s and redirects.
  2. Indexability: We’ll check indexing problems, redirect chains, and XML sitemaps. We’ll also review canonicals, 4XX and 5XX errors, soft 404s, and JavaScript redirects.
  3. Google Search Console: We’ll troubleshoot and optimize features inside of GSC. These enhancements include Breadcrumbs, FAQ, How-to, Profile page, Review snippets, Sitelinks search box, Unparsable structured data, videos, Discover, Google News, Manual Actions, and Security Issues.
  4. Internal linking: We’ll check for broken internal and external links, anchor texts, click depth, URL structure, site navigation, and more.
  5. Security: We’ll check for page security, valid <head> tags, malware, and mixed content.
  6. Site Speed: We’ll check for correct caching, image compression, and sizing. We’ll also measure Core Web Vitals (LCP, CLS, FID metrics) and identify areas of improvement.
  7. Best Practices: We’ll review the overall health of your site against current best practices. While some details are minor, others have a direct influence on how users and search engines access and consume your content.

What Your Content Audit Uncovers (Price)

  1. Content Helpfulness: We’ll review the actual quality (helpfulness) of your content. We follow the learnings from Google’s recent Helpful Content Updates. Does it satisfy the search intent? How does it compare to similar sites ranking above it?
  2. Topical Authority: How thoroughly has your site covered a topic category, and is it positioned to rank that type of information? We’ll identify content gaps and growth areas and look for content sections that might do better on another site.
  3. E-EAT: To help your content rank, we’ll evaluate it for trustworthiness. The factors include experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These trust factors are presented in About pages, author bios, and other on-page credentials. These factors help establish your writers as Subject-Matter Experts (SME).
  4. Content Quality: Different from what you say (helpfulness), this looks at how you say it. Technical quality (spelling, grammar, word count) affects how search engines and users view your content.
  5. Keyword Performance: We’ll audit your content to determine what is working and what is underperforming. We use Ahrefs and Google Search Console to take a pulse on your content’s performance and identify areas of improvement and growth.
  6. Crawlable and Indexable: While we’ll go into more depth on this in the technical audit, determining if search engines can find and index your individual pages is critical.
  7. Page Structure and Navigation: How easy is it for readers and customers to discover your content, once they are on your site?

SEO Audit Packages: 3 Options

*Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Canadian-based clients are subject to a 15% HST sales tax. Prices on our other pages or sites may be in other currencies. Pricing is approximate and subject to change, depending on the specifics of the site.

What About a Free SEO Audit?

I’m sure you’ve seen SEO agencies that offer a “free SEO audit.”

Are these any good? Not really. If your site is your business, you’ll want to skip these services.

Here’s why: Free audits are usually auto-generated with a tool. As you might expect, a superficial scan will produce superficial results. These tools cannot interpret the results. Not every finding applies equally to every site.

About Our SEO Audits

To help diagnose and correct issues with your site and search ranking, we offer three site audits:

  1. Technical SEO Audit
  2. Content Audit
  3. Complete Audit (Content & Technical)

We Invest Time in Your Audit

Every audit takes 15 to 50 hours. We generate data using a variety of free and paid tools.

We spend many hours sifting that data to identify problems, issues, and glitches.

This process is manual and hands-on as we look for relationships and data trends.

200+ Point Checklist

Our proprietary systems check the following areas of site health.

  1. Crawlability
  2. Indexability
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Internal linking
  5. Security
  6. Site speed
  7. E-EAT
  8. Best practices

Audit Findings

On an average site audit, we generate from 12 to 20+ findings. These range from minor to critical importance.

We offer specific recommendations for correcting each issue on your site.

About Us

We are experienced site owners and technical SEOs.

This means that we are qualified to gather and interpret your site’s SEO data and make specific recommendations for improvements.

Because of our experience as both SEOs and publishers, we understand how to interpret the findings. Not all findings impact rankings or user experience.

We’ll guide you to the areas that will move the needle on your site.

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