6 Reasons Your Tourism Brand Needs Content Marketing

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In a piece published almost 20 years ago, Bill Gates wrote that content would play a primary role in online business.

Today, content marketing is an essential marketing tool. In this post, you’ll learn about six reasons your tourism brand needs content marketing.


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6 Reasons To Use Tourism Content Marketing 

  1. Become the Expert: This is important. As you share relevant travel information about your destinations, you automatically become the expert on them. By providing answers to common questions and location specific travel tips, readers will view you as the expert for that destination or adventure.
  2. Sales Tool: This obvious benefit is huge. When readers see the photos and videos of your experiences and tours, many will want to experience the same thing. And they’ll want to do it with you. Your content shows the variety and quality of your adventures.
  3. Search Engine Benefits: By regularly posting text and video content, the search engines will gradually rank your site for the topics you cover. And these will be the same topics and keywords that your prospects will use to find your services.
  4. Downplay Expectations: Your blog is a great way to downplay expectations for an upcoming adventure. While this might sound counter-productive, super-high expectations are a recipe for unhappy guests and bad reviews. For example, while you would like to guarantee whale sightings on every outing – it is impossible to do so. The whales aren’t in a cage and might decide to go AWOL for a day – or a week. Letting them know this possibility (in advance) reduces the damage if it happens. And when everything goes as planned, your guests will respect your honesty.
  5. Customer Service: Your content will directly answer many questions your guests will have. Customer service reps can also link directly to specific posts – giving guests a complete and consistent answer each time. For example, posting annual temperature and weather charts will help your future guests plan on the best time for them to arrive. Honest information helps future guests have a realistic view of the area and the adventure.
  6. Community Building: Your content – including your blog and social channels – gives your community a home. Over time, you’ll build a community of past and future guests who eagerly consume and share your content. A blog post about a specific tour will likely be shared by previous guests and also by readers dreaming of the trip.

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