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Welcome to Storyteller Media

Storyteller Media is a Canadian digital marketing and publishing company in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

You can hire Storyteller Media’s marketing division to help you start, build, and grow your online presence. We build and redesign websites. And we can help improve your SEO and grow search engine traffic.

Our publishing division runs a portfolio of content sites in tech, travel, and food.

Our Digital Marketing Division can help you audit and optimize your SEO. We can also help you create content that benefits your clients while increasing your organic search traffic.

Get More Organic Traffic with SEO

The first step to increasing organic search traffic is a details SEO audit of your site and content.

SEO Audits include Technical, Content, and On Page Audits.

These in-depth audits will help identify areas that can be improved and optimized for better search traffic.

Start Your Site

We can help you build (or redesign) your website. Our process focuses on user experience and site speed.

And we incorporate 5 pillars of site design in every custom site build.

Our brand portfolio, managed by our Publishing Division, reaches an annual audience of more than 4 million readers.

Our readers are predominantly US-based, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia. Some of our brands also reach a significant readership in Africa, South America, Europe, and East Asia.

Our content covers travel food and destinations, language learning, photography, videography, and outdoor adventures.

Our Brands

Our brands include Storyteller Tech, Storyteller Travel, GudGear, and EnjoyJava.

More about our brands and how to partner with us.

Brand partnerships include product reviews, sponsorships, and promotions.


Check out our portfolio of sites that we’ve built, grown, and optimized.

Our Brands

Meet Bryan and Dena

We’re Bryan and Dena! And we’ve been creating online businesses since 2007.

Here’s some background of our experience:

  • We have managed content and SEO for numerous companies, from local businesses to international brands.
  • As creators, we operate several large content brands (tech and travel). And we reach about 300,000 monthly readers.
  • Bryan was an online business journalist for a New York Times property.

Here’s more about Bryan and Dena.

bryan and dena haines

Need website help? We would love to help you create your new site. We can also help you gain exposure and reach with organic search traffic.

Need help reaching a larger audience? We can put your brand in front of our audience.

Our Location

We are in Antigonish, a beautiful university town on Nova Scotia’s Northumberland shore.

Here’s how to get in touch.

  • Phone Number: (902) 517-0568
  • Email:

Storyteller Media
303 Main Street, PO Box 20023
Antigonish, NS B2G 0E2 Canada

storyteller media canada
Cape George Lighthouse, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
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