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About the Team: Meet Bryan and Dena

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About Bryan & Dena

Hi, this is Bryan & Dena!

We are partners at Storyteller Media. As marketers and SEOs we have been creating content and optimizing for search since 2007.

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bryan and dena haines

Who is Bryan Haines?

I’m an SEO and online marketer in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

I’m a partner at Storyteller Media, an SEO and design agency in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’ve been doing SEO since 2007, with our first online business – a promotional products company based in the Annapolis Valley. I also covered online business and SEO for a New York Times property for four years.

Dena and I also managed content and SEO for numerous companies – from local businesses to international brands.

Connect with Bryan & Dena

You can connect with us across our portfolio of brands, including Storyteller Tech, Enjoy Java,, and GudGearContact us here.

A Brief Personal History

Here’s our brief history, told by Bryan:

In 1995, I started my first business (Valley Promotions) as a high school project for Entrepreneurship 12. I produced advertising publications and later expanded into promotional products. I sold this company a few years later.

Dena and I got married in June 1999 and started Haines International (an import business). We purchased custom-made advertising materials from manufacturers in Taiwan and Hong Kong for sale to Canadian government agencies. This later grew into a full-size promotional agency (Brand in Hand) that did business across Canada and the US.

In 2009, we sold Brand in Hand and moved our family to Ecuador. While there, we learned the craft of content marketing, working to promote Ecuador travel. After 6 years in South America, we returned home to Nova Scotia, Canada in April 2015.

That same month, we started Storyteller Media. We focus on helping Canadian travel brands market with content.

bryan and dena galapagos
Creating content for a client in the Galapagos Islands

bryan and dena haines

On a family vacation with our daughter, Drew.

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