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Web Design: We Create Fast, SEO-Friendly WordPress Sites

Web design for businesses, creators, and publishers is one of the services we offer.

  • Who this is for: Our web design service is for creators, publishers, businesses, and organizations.
  • What we do: We build fast, beautiful, and well-structured websites. We focus on speed and user experience, the search engines heavily favor these two factors.
  • How we work: We build custom sites in WordPress. We use a full set of premium plugins and tools to add function, speed, and conversion to every site.

Web Design: Fast WordPress Sites

We build all sites in WordPress. And we avoid excessive plugins, resource-heavy widgets, sliders, and features.

5 Pillars of Site Design

There are five pillars of site design. As you’ll notice, these are related and must be developed together.

  1. Site Speed: Site speed is required for a site that converts well and ranks well in search. The majority of visitors won’t wait for a slow site to load. We employ caching, minification, image optimization, and lazy loading to improve site speed. And we develop clean, light code for the fastest sites possible.
  2. SEO Optimized: Organic search traffic is valuable for every business. Every site is created with search engines in mind. This includes technical, on-page, schema, and metadata. Plus, every site is integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  3. User Experience: While speed is a factor, it is just a small part of user experience. We build with logical navigational and contextual links, readable font (size and color) and no content shift. Every site is designed with mobile experience in mind.
  4. Site Appearance: While often the first detail that comes to mind, site appearance must be chosen with other factors in mind. Images, videos, pricing tables, and other site features must be carefully chosen and designed.
  5. Updateability: Many sites are beautifully designed but can be almost impossible to update. We build sites that can be updated and changed by your staff or other developers. We know that you don’t want to call us every time something needs to be updated or added. We follow best practices for layout and design, making it easily updatable.

To accomplish these goals, we are careful when choosing the tech stack that your site is built on. We always build as lightly as possible, avoiding needless plugins and custom code that don’t contribute directly to the site objective.

Other factors affecting site design include security, user intent, content plans, and site architecture.

How We Work

We build from scratch and do rebuilds.

We’re happy to build your site from scratch. After an interview or questionnaire, we’ll draft your site structure.

You’ll be involved in each step, approving site colors, fonts, and images.

We’re also happy to rebuild your existing site. We can even migrate your site from another content management system.

Here’s how our pricing works.

Migrating to WordPress

For a versatile and stable platform, we recommend building on WordPress.

But many sites begin on other platforms. We can migrate your Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, or any other platform to WordPress. Contact us for a quote, based on your specific site.

Site Maintenance Plans

We also offer site maintenance plans. We currently maintain 25+ sites every month. This includes WordPress and plugin updates, site hosting, and daily backups. If something glitches, we quickly get it back online.

web design service

About Storyteller Media

At Storyteller Media, we focus on creating and optimizing web properties for traffic and conversion.

Dena and I are long-time creators operating several large authority sites (in tech and travel). Our content reaches about 300,000 monthly readers.

We’ve been web designers since 2007 with our first online business – a promotional products company based in the Annapolis Valley. I’ve also covered online business for a New York Times property for four years.

About Bryan and Dena

We are both Nova Scotians. We were both born here, and after some years abroad, we returned to our home province and put down roots.

We’ve been doing web design in Nova Scotia for many years.

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