RecruitSEO: Our New SEO Division for Recruiters

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We’re happy to announce the launch of RecruitSEO, our new SEO marketing division.

What is RecruitSEO?

RecruitSEO is a Canadian SEO agency that helps international employment and student recruiters get more leads.

We combine SEO best practices and conversion tracking to build applicant funnels for recruitment agencies.

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RecruitSEO homepage

RecruitSEO Services

We offer services to two recruitment sectors: international students and employees.

  • Student Recruitment SEO: Using SEO and conversion tracking, we help student recruiters generate a steady flow of international applicants.
  • Employee Recruitment SEO: We help Canadian employment recruiters fill their pipeline with new applicants, using SEO and recruitment marketing.
  • SEO Services: We offer a suite of SEO services for the Canadian recruitment industry. They include SEO audits, site re-designs and optimizations, and content plans.

In addition, we also have an SEO blog about recruitment marketing. We cover recruitment SEO, conversion, and optimization case studies and data.

To get started, we recommend booking a call. We’ll review your site, your goals, and your sales process and make recommendations about how we can best work together.

About Us

Dena and I have been in the content and SEO business since before moving to Ecuador in 2009. We’ve managed many content businesses and helped grow numerous international travel brands.

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Our Education SEO page on

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