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There are many ways we can work together. Our services include web design (creation, troubleshooting, and optimization), SEO (audits and optimizations), content marketing, and advertising across our portfolio of sites.

*All prices listed below are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Canadian-based clients are subject to sales tax of 15% HST. Prices on our other pages or sites may be in other currencies. Pricing is approximate and subject to change, depending on the specifics of the site and topic.

Here’s the full breakdown of the services we offer.

Web Design Prices

We offer a range of web design services. And we are transparent with our pricing.

  • Our hourly rate is $95 for web design.
  • Our hourly rate for consulting and SEO work is $115.

We seldom bill at an hourly rate. Most site designs are priced as fixed-price projects.

New Site Build Price

New website build. $950 to $4900 is a typical range. Variables depend on site complexity, required functions, and design requirements. Quotes will be provided for each project.

Content (text copy and photos) provided by the client.

Every new site build includes:

  • Training so you can update/create pages and posts on your own.
  • Contact form
  • Stock photography, if required. Up to 30 photos.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Optimization for mobile responsiveness
  • Optimization for speed

Contact us to get started.

Site Rebuild Price

Sometimes a full site rebuild is the best way to update your site design and function.

Site rebuild. $950 to $4900 is a typical range. Variables depend on site complexity, required functions, and design requirements. Quotes will be provided for each project.

One of the biggest problems with a site rebuild is the potential for broken links from external sites. Think about the other sites (associations, social media posts, and other businesses) that have linked to your content.

Not only do these links bring you visitors, but they also increase your authority with search engines. When they break, you lose both.

We take this into account with every site rebuild. And have extensive experience rebuilding broken sites.

With all our site rebuilds, we offer the following:

  • All the above features (in a new site build)
  • Output detailed sitemap of current URLs
  • Recreate the same permalink structure for all URLs.
  • Map all current URLs to URLs on the new site
  • Redirect all URLs
  • Check and fix all broken links.

Migration to WordPress

Closely related to a site rebuild is moving a site from one content management system (CMS) to WordPress.

WordPress is the most versatile CMS for site building. But many sites begin on other platforms. We can migrate your Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, or any other platform to WordPress. Contact us for a quote, based on your specific site.

Migration to WordPress is just part of a site rebuild. We will manage your URL structure, to prevent unnecessary traffic and domain authority loss.

Contact us for a quote on your site migration.

Site Troubleshooting (Error Fixing)

While WordPress is stable, sometimes it breaks. Troubleshooting the site will identify the

Sometimes a well-meaning employee will upload a glitchy plugin, or maybe your site has been infected with Malware. Sometimes a contact form will glitch or your web server will need to have the php version updated.

Troubleshooting WordPress: $90 to $270 is a common range. Billed hourly, many issues can be fixed in 1-2 hours.

Site Specific Tasks

If you’re having trouble integrating tracking and optimization tools, we can help.

Here are some SEO and site maintenance tasks we can help you with.

  • Google Analytics and Search Console Integration: $175
  • RankMath Setup: $140
  • WP Rocket Setup: $140
  • Contact Form Setup: $140
  • Broken Link Report: $175
  • Fix Broken Redirects: Price varies depending on the volume of broken links. A quote will provided on completion of the broken link report.

Site Maintenance Plans: $1080 Annually

Site maintenance: $90/month, paid annually. Includes updating plugins and WordPress and daily site backups. Site maintenance plans also include licenses to several SEO and design tools.

If your site has a minor problem, this will be fixed as part of the plan. If it needs more time, it will be billed hourly.

SEO Prices

Optimizing sites and content for search is critical for generating organic traffic.

And an SEO audit is an important first step. We’ll identify problem areas and growth areas.

SEO Site Audits: On-Page, Technical, Off-Page

There are three types of SEO audits: On-Page, Technical, Off-Page

  1. On-Page Audits primarily cover content (text, images, meta descriptions). It also includes navigation and user experience.
  2. Technical Audits review site performance (speed, security, structure), site structure, and usability.
  3. Off-Page Audits cover backlinks and unlinked brand mentions on other sites.

Because of the crossover between on-page and technical audits, we generally audit both at the same time.

Our Full Site Audit includes all three components (On-Page, Technical, Off-Page).

  • Small Business Site (Up to 500 pages) On-Page/Technical SEO Audit ($795) or Full SEO Audit ($1495).
  • Large Content Site (1,000 to 50,000 pages) On-Page/Technical SEO Audit ($1795) or Full SEO Audit ($3295).
  • Authority Site (50,000+ pages) Pricing varies and will be quoted.

Audit costs vary for the size and complexity of each site. The above pricing is a reference and subject to change for specific sites. A quote is provided for each audit before beginning.

Here’s why an SEO audit will help your site.

pricing storyteller media
The coastline at Arisaig Provincial Park, drone shot by Bryan.

Content Marketing Prices

With a well-built and SEO-optimized site, it’s time to consider adding content.

We can help determine topics and guides that will do well on your site. Educating your prospects helps convert them to clients.

  • SEO Keyword Research: $575 (5 topics, up to 5000 keywords). Keywords are organized by difficulty and type (informational vs commercial intent).
  • Content Marketing Plan: $675 (list of 50 articles/posts organized with difficulty, intent, draft title, and target word count). Or $1250 (list of 100 articles/posts).

Both documents are provided in spreadsheet format.

For select clients, we also help execute content marketing plans. We can help create and publish content on your site.

Advertising Costs

We run a portfolio of sites. Here’s how to advertise on them.

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