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Pricing Guide: SEO, Web Design, and Content Planning

There are many ways we can work together. Our services include web design (creation, troubleshooting, and optimization), SEO (audits and optimizations), and content marketing.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Canadian-based clients are subject to a 15% HST sales tax. Prices on our other pages or sites may be in other currencies. Pricing is approximate and subject to change, depending on the specifics of the site.

Our Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate is $115. Most SEO projects and site designs are priced as fixed-price projects.

Here’s the full breakdown of the services we offer.

SEO Audit Pricing

Optimizing sites and content for search is critical for generating organic traffic.

And an SEO audit is an important first step. We’ll identify problem areas and growth areas.

Technical SEO Audit


Focuses on how search engines access your site.

We check the code for crawlability and indexability. This includes robots.txt, sitemap.xml, canonicals, errors, security, head tags, redirects, and much more.

Here’s what each Technical SEO audit includes and what to expect in the process.

Content Audit


Focuses on what visitors see on your site.

This includes the pages, posts, images, and videos on your site.

We audit page quality (grammar, word count, formatting) and how thoroughly a topic is covered on the site. We also evaluate E-EAT and HCU factors.

Here’s what each Content Audit includes and what to expect in the process.

Complete SEO Audit


Combines both the Technical and Content Audits to present a full picture of your site’s health.

This complete site checkup helps identify what’s working, what needs improvements, and what might be holding the site (and content) back.

* Ecommerce sites and large content sites are custom quoted and may exceed the above price range.

Audit costs vary for the size and complexity of each site. The above pricing is a reference and subject to change for specific sites. A quote is provided for each audit before beginning.

Web Design Package Pricing

We offer a range of web design services. And we are transparent with our pricing.

New Site Design

$1400 to $3200

We offer three web design packages. They range in size from a basic web presence to a large company platform.

Here’s what each package includes and what to expect in the process.

Site Rebuild

$1400 to $3200

Rebuilding your website while maintaining its content is a great way to improve speed, user experience, and site function.

Contact us to work out specifics for your site rebuild.

Migrate to WordPress


We can migrate your site from another platform (Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, etc.) to WordPress. Every migration project is custom-quoted.

Approximate range of $1500 to $5000.

Web Design Service Prices

In addition to new site builds, we also offer support services for existing sites. These include error fixing, integration of new features, and site maintenance.

Error Fixing

$230 to $500

While WordPress is stable, it sometimes breaks. We’ll troubleshoot your site to find and fix the problem.

Sometimes it will be a glitchy plugin, outdated PHP, or even malware.

Error fixing is billed hourly, with many issues being resolved in two hours or less.

Site Specific Tasks

$175 to $250

Here are some SEO and site maintenance tasks we can help with.

  • Google Analytics and Search Console Integration: $175
  • RankMath Setup: $250
  • WP Rocket Setup: $175
  • Contact Form Setup: $175
  • Broken Link Report: $175
  • Fix Broken Redirects: Varies

Contact us to work out specifics for your site rebuild.

Site Maintenance Plans


$90/month, paid annually.

Includes updating plugins and WordPress and daily site backups. Site maintenance plans also include licenses to several SEO and design tools.

Available only on sites that we created.

pricing storyteller media
The coastline at Arisaig Provincial Park, drone shot by Bryan.

Content and Keyword Planning Prices

With a well-built and SEO-optimized site, it’s time to start adding content.

We can help determine topics and guides that will do well on your site. Educating your prospects helps convert them to clients.

SEO Keyword Research


Package includes 5 topics, up to 5000 keywords.

Keywords are organized by difficulty and type (informational vs commercial intent).

The Keyword package is delivered as a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or CSV).

Content Marketing Plan


Package includes a list of 50 articles/posts.

Post list is organized with difficulty, intent, draft title, and target word count.

The Content Marketing package is delivered as a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or CSV).

Execute Content Plan


For select clients, we can also help execute the content marketing plan.

This includes planning, create, publishing, and promoting new content on the site.

Chat With Bryan

Two-Hour Consultation $900: Hire Bryan to consult on your site SEO. Choose from either a two-hour call (or a one-hour site review with a one-hour follow-up call). I’ll send you a summary of the points discussed along with a transcript of the chat.

Availability: Currently Unavailable

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After our strategy call, we’ll get to work growing your site traffic and earnings.