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SEO for Creators: Services for Publishers & Bloggers

SEO for creators and publishers is one of the services we offer.

Who is this for? This guide is for online creators, bloggers, publishers, and YouTubers. Check out these SEO services if you have a business or organization with a physical location.

seo for creators

SEO for Publishers and Creators

As a creator, search traffic plays an important part in your business.

You’ll expand your reach, authority, and influence with SEO-optimized content.

Better SEO means more revenue.

And the organic search landscape has never been more competitive. An annual SEO audit is an important step to keep your properties optimized for search.

But first, who are you guys?

Why Trust Bryan & Dena?

Dena and I are also publishers. We run several large authority brands, including tech, travel, and outdoor communities. Our content reaches about 300,000 monthly readers.

We’ve been doing SEO since our first online business in 2007. And we’ve been creators since 2009. I also covered online business and SEO for a New York Times property for four years. And we’ve managed content and SEO for numerous companies – from local businesses to international brands.

Here’s more about us.

Now, on to what an SEO audit can do for you.

SEO Audit for Creators

If you were hit by a recent Google algorithm update, an audit can be the only way to determine points of failure.

Or if you feel that your growth has hit a ceiling, an audit can find what’s limiting you.

Here’s how much an audit will cost.

When to Order an SEO Audit: 4 Reasons

When is an audit useful?

Fluctuating search rankings directly affect the bottom line. A thorough SEO audit can identify problems even before they affect traffic and earnings.

Here are four reasons to order an SEO audit.

  1. Google Update Affects You: A drastic drop in organic search traffic likely means you’ve been affected by a recent Google update. An SEO audit can discover technical, on-page, and off-page issues affecting your ranking.
  2. Slow Decline: A slow decline in ranking indicates it’s time to audit your site. Sites don’t decline without reason, and an in-depth SEO audit can help uncover what’s really happening.
  3. Preventative: We audit our sites annually and recommend that you have an annual audit too. A well-optimized site can degrade over time. New plugins, WordPress updates, and other changes can cause fail points on your site. It’s best to find them before they affect ranking and user experience.
  4. Purchase a New Site: If you are evaluating the purchase of a new web property, an SEO audit should be part of your due diligence. Are there PBNs, malware, spammy links, or other serious flaws on the site?

What Your Audit Uncovers

  1. Broken links (internal, external) redirects, redirect chains,
  2. Malware
  3. Speed
  4. Content
  5. Links: anchor text, links to 4xx, canonical
  6. SSL: Mixed Content

Scores: Site health, speed, content.

Order Your SEO Audit with Storyteller Media

We cover 200+ factors when auditing your website.

SEO Audit Deliverables

Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive the following.

  • Google Drive Folder with audit results, including list of action points. We may also be able to help you work through the recommendations.
  • 30-minute Zoom call with Bryan, to review the results and discuss how to remedy.
  1. Links: broken external links. This finds broken and redirected links. Also, find affiliate links to products that are no longer available.
  2. Links: broken internal links. Improve internal navigation by finding broken links to internal pages.
  3. Links: orphan or hidden pages. If a page has no internal links, search engines are unlikely to discover and index it.
  4. Malware Search: We use two premium tools to search your site for malware.
  5. Content: Thin, duplicate, untitled content.
  6. Checks sitemap issues, including pages not being indexed.
  7. Generate a list of top pages and keywords on the site.
  8. Generate a list of keywords for future development, including keywords that competitors are ranking for.

Learn more about SEO consulting and auditing for other business models.

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