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Our Sites

Our sites (Storyteller Media)

Storyteller Media publishes a number of authority sites. Here are the specifics on each site:

To work with us on any of our sites, please contact us. We offer advertising, sponsorship and review opportunities.

ClickLikeThis (Photography and GoPro blog)

On ClickLikeThis, we blog about photography – settings, mounts, and video creation. We have a special focus on GoPro and action cameras.

We cover editing software, half-underwater photography, GoPro settings, and time-lapse creation. Join us as we share what we learn along the way.

For drone videography, check out Flybrd – our new site dedicated to flying and filming with drones.


Storyteller Travel is our travel blog. We cover animals, attractions, and food from around the world.

And since March 2021, it is also home to all the content from What started as a small blog to document our life abroad, grew to become the largest English language blog about Ecuador. Now you can also read all the best things about Ecuador on

Other Projects We’re Working On:

  • GudGear: Outdoor tutorials and guides for your next adventure.
  • EnjoyJava: Coffee is awesome and deserves its own site. This is one we’ve talked about for a long time – and now it’s a huge resource.
  • The Buginator: Bugs don’t have to take the fun out of being outdoors. We are dedicated to avoiding, repelling, and killing all biting and irritating bugs.
  • Print Like This: Having trouble with your printer? With our free guides, you’ll get the printer support you need to get printing in minutes.

In May 2020, we merged a number of our smaller sites (including Ehlisters, Uganda365, FeelingGifty, Redonkerous, and into Storyteller.Travel. And in March 2021, we combined the hundreds of posts from GringosAbroad with Storyteller Travel.

Future projects include a food blog, craft beer site, and a language-learning site.

Our daughter blogs on the following sites: