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Our portfolio includes results from SEO campaigns, what our clients think of working with us, and examples of our custom site builds.

At Storyteller Media, we build sites for traffic and conversions. Here’s our portfolio of sites, SEO case studies, and client testimonials for completed projects.

Web Design Examples

Here are a selection of the sites we’ve developed, optimized, and redesigned. Click on the thumbnail to view the actual site in a new tab. Learn more about our web design services.

Learn more about our services, including design and SEO.

SEO Case Studies

Here are some examples of what we’ve accomplished in sales and traffic with SEO and content creation.

3X’d Traffic on About.com

For four years, Bryan managed the online business section as a contractor for The New York Times.

For the contract period, he planned and oversaw the creation of hundreds of pieces of content. This included keyword research, topical authority, and on-page optimization.

Key Figures

  • Grew site traffic over 3 times, from 600k annual visits to over 1.8 million.
  • Built an email list of
    60,000+ subscribers.

South American Travel Blog

From 2009 to 2015, we ran a site about our life as a Canadian expat family living in South America. Our readership grew quickly to become the largest English-language site about Ecuador in the world.

Since then, Storyteller Travel has become a significant resource of travel information, covering animals, destinations, and foods worldwide.

Key Figures

  • Grew an annual audience of 1.4 million travelers and future expats.
  • Generated millions of dollars of sales across ads, services, and products.

Storyteller Tech

Storyteller Tech is a camera tutorial site for creators. Site traffic grew from zero to over 175,000 monthly visitors.

In the ultra-competitive tech category, we ranked our GoPro, DJI, and Insta360 guides and reviews.

Key Figures

  • Grew an annual audience of 2.1 million creators and adventurers.
  • Generated millions of dollars of sales of ads, products, and services.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say.

It’s really a complete service: SEO, site structure, design, and our website content.

In Bryan and Dena we found that, in addition to all their technical knowledge, they put themselves in our clients shoes to understand their needs.
Just great to work with people of such a great values.
Hernan Rodas
Founder, Blu Galapagos, Red Mangrove

I’d happily recommend Bryan for any task.

I found Bryan honest, straight and professional. Promises and delivery dates were met and carried an undertone of professional enthusiasm.
As an active member of the community he understands the right questions to ask and avoids classic cliches.
Peter Connor
Co_Founder at Bullet

The information he has given me over the years has significantly helped my business.

Bryan has the inside track of what’s going on in the web business community.
I really enjoy his insights and commentary and reviews. The information he has given me over the years has significantly helped my business.
Jim Kukral
Speaker and Entrepreneur

We are very pleased with the results and we highly recommend them.

We sought someone to help us out to design a webpage and we could’ve not found someone better than Bryan and Dena.
They understood our needs, gave us advice and helped us make our website accessible, efficient and easy for our patients.
Dr. Pamela Acosta
Ecuador Dental Care

It is good to know we are working with people who really care about doing their job right.

Thanks a lot for all your good work with our web page, we really appreciate your good ideas. You have been a great professional assistance.
I really appreciate you going even beyond your job to accomplish our needs.
It is a pleasure working with you.
María Fernanda Pareja V.
General Manager, Latin Roots Travel Co. (Quito, Ecuador)

Here are some reader’s comments on content that we’ve created over the years. This content was initially published on GringosAbroad and now is part of Storyteller Travel.

  • Monte Montana: “Dena and Bryan write one of the most interesting and THE most credible blog about being an expat and ways to improve one’s life in a new environment.”
  • Veronica Pelaez: “The information that Bryan and Dena have provided over the years has been beneficial for the obvious reasons, such as daily life details that can only be known with “boots on the ground”. But even more than this, what I have truly appreciated has been that the information presented has been with the truth of the entire situation. Though many aspects of Expat Life are rosy, many are not, as in “real life”. Knowing the truth of the muddier bits helps me to prepare emotionally and intellectually, so that when the time comes for me to make my move, I will have more tools in my belt to get me through the rough spots! Thank you Bryan and Dena!”
  • Bruce Wilkinson: “Once we decided to retire abroad, my wife and I read everything we could find about destinations and the implications of such a life-changing move. In the information-gathering stage our single most helpful discovery was Bryan and Dena Haines’ “GringosAbroad.com.” That occurred eighteen months before we left Bozeman, Montana and moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, where we have now lived for over two years, and from that day to this I’ve read every article the Haines have published and have found their blogs to be balanced, practical and accurate portrayals of expat life as I have experienced it, as well as trustworthy sources of useful information. The Haines cover both the expat and host communities with a positive, refreshing and honest appreciation of the struggles and joys of adopting a new country and culture that we have found invaluable.”
  • Alli, Joseph & Ella Hawley: “Your website has been my family’s go to blog for two years now! Whenever we have a question that needs answered correctly and quickly we always pull up gringosabroad.com! Having a child ourselves we know you look at locating to a foreign country through parents eyes! Keep the info coming!!”
  • Pauline Howes: “I’ve been following your blogs for almost two years now. Living in Ottawa, Canada, I was excited when I first discovered your family blog.  You struck me as brave, adventurous souls.  You’ve proven time and time again, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and plan a little. I’ve learned most useful information from real estate to buying the best coffee!”
  • Magali Ipina: “When my Ecuadorian husband manifested his wish to return to his beloved country, I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I wasn’t sure if we were making the right choice for our family, it felt like a big leap to take.  When I found your blog and saw that a Canadian family like ours had done it, without having any connections with Ecuador, it gave me the courage I needed!  I found a lot of useful information in your articles before we left, and when the big day came I felt ready!”
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