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Content Marketing Service: Develop, Execute, Measure

Content marketing is one of the services we offer. Learn more about SEO and web design.

We are Content Marketers

Content marketing helps tell your stories, answer questions, and engage prospects to become clients. We can help you develop your content marketing program for your organization.

As content marketers, we focus on this one goal:

We help you share your travel stories to engage prospects and convert them into guests.

Our Content Marketing Methodology

Here’s how we do it:

  1. First of all, we help you develop a content marketing plan that addresses bottlenecks in your business.
  2. Then, we build a blog platform on your domain. This is where all your travel stories, photos, and videos will reside.
  3. Next, we’ll create custom content that educates and engages your prospects. This content is created to help remove the bottlenecks. Content can improve customer service, sales, search optimization and more. See all the reasons why your travel brand should use content marketing
  4. Finally, we’ll promote and optimize your content to reach your goals. We’ll promote via social media, search optimization and relationship building. We’ll optimize your content to drive traffic to key sales pages, FAQ’s or other relevant content.

Content Marketing Components

Here are some of the specific components we’ll use to create your content marketing:

  • Site creation and design: We build in WordPress. It is fast, dynamic and the search engines love it.
  • Familiarization trips to collect content. We’ll use these experiences, photos and videos to create the content on your blog.
  • Content creation (blogging): Blogging includes text, photos and video posts. Publishing schedules vary from 4-12 times per month. Each post covers a single topic in a granular way.
  • Photography and video creation: While traveling on familiarization trips, we capture months worth of content, including thousands of photos and hours of video. This content is processed as required by the publishing schedule.
  • Search engine optimization: Content is optimized for a set of defined and researched keywords. Each post is optimized when published and on an ongoing basis.
  • Community building: We use social media and your email list to build an active community of past and future guests. Your newly created content is shared through these channels.
  • Editing and optimization of existing content: We will improve and optimize your existing content.

Of course, everything is trackable through detailed analytics. Leads can be directly fed into your CRM software.

Are you using content marketing in your tourism business? Here at Storyteller Media, we specialize in the creation of custom content marketing plans for travel-related businesses.

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content marketing service

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