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SEO Nova Scotia: Grow Organic Traffic & Reach

As a local Nova Scotian business, we understand the market. And how crucial organic search traffic is.

Storyteller Media is located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. And we’ve been in SEO for a long time.

Nova Scotia SEO by a Nova Scotian SEO Agency

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My name is Bryan, and I’m an SEO in Nova Scotia.

Dena and I are based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

I’ve been building and ranking websites since 2007. For both our web properties and clients. But more about me later.

seo nova scotia

How’s your organic search traffic?

Without professional SEO help, you are probably missing out on significant reach and organic traffic.

Storyteller Media is a Nova Scotia SEO agency, and we can help you improve your SEO.

SEO is a powerful way to generate organic, qualified traffic to your site. And Google doesn’t charge for organic traffic.

13 SEO Factors to Monitor

SEO involves many factors, including:

  1. Content Quality
  2. Site Speed
  3. Links: Internal, external, inbound, navigational and contextual
  4. Traffic Trends
  5. Target Keywords
  6. User Intent
  7. Tech Stack
  8. Security
  9. EEAT: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness
  10. Metadata and Schema
  11. Site Architecture
  12. Site Usability
  13. Indexability

To improve your site’s SEO, the first step is to have an SEO audit. A thorough audit of your SEO identifies problem areas and opportunities for growth.

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