gringos abroad merger

GringosAbroad is Now Part of Storyteller Travel (A Brief History)

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Looking for Gringos Abroad? Here’s what happened to all that content about Ecuador. And what Bryan and Dena are up to now.

gringos abroad merger

What Happened to Gringos Abroad?

Gringos Abroad is now part of Storyteller.Travel.

In March 2021, we merged the hundreds of GringosAbroad posts into our larger Storyteller Travel site.

Even after leaving Ecuador, our Ecuador content was still being read a lot – about 70,000 people every month were reading our archives. So a few months ago, we tidied it all up, combined similar posts and deleted the less helpful ones.

And then merged it into its new home: Storyteller Travel.

What is Storyteller Travel?

Storyteller Travel owned and run by Bryan and Dena. It is home to all the previous posts about Ecuador.

But Storyteller Travel is more than just Ecuador.

Over the past year, we have merged numerous smaller sites into one, authoritative site about travel. It now has content about Nova Scotia (our home province), expat living, animals facts, and food from around the world.

How large is Storyteller Travel?

Every month, more than 150,000 different people visit the site.

A Little of Our Story

We lived in Ecuador for 6 years. From 2009 to 2015, Ecuador was our home. And during that time, we blogged about life there. We covered the attractions and food. Plus the legal, banking, driving, and health side of being expats. In just a few years, Gringos Abroad became the largest, English-language site about Ecuador travel.

But in 2015, we had to leave Ecuador and move back to Canada. It was a difficult decision for our family.

How Gringos Abroad Helped Us

Before leaving Ecuador, we received many messages every week from expats and travelers to thank us for the information on our site. It was overwhelming to receive such positive feedback – and it really motivated us to keep writing.

For the first many years, we made very little money from the site. We were new bloggers, and I was afraid to put ads on the site.

Aside from the money, running the blog was good for us. A number of years ago, we wrote about how blogging benefited us. We found it to be a therapeutic process.

A Brief History of Gringos Abroad

Here are a few screenshots of the changes that Gringos Abroad saw over the years. It’s sort of nostalgic for us – maybe you remember some of these versions?

First version of Gringos Abroad, back in 2010

gringosabroad site 2010
The first version of Gringos Abroad, back in 2010.


2012 version of GringosAbroad

gringosabroad site 2012
2012 version of GringosAbroad


2015 version of Gringos Abroad

gringosabroad site 2015
2015 version of Gringos Abroad


2016 version of Gringos Abroad

gringosabroad site 2016
2016 version of Gringos Abroad


2019 version of Gringos Abroad

This is the final design change before the merger.

gringosabroad site 2019
2019 version of Gringos Abroad. This is the final design change before the merger.


Gringos Abroad is now part of Storyteller Travel

Storyteller.Travel is the home of all the Ecuador content from Gringos Abroad. Merged in March 2021.

storyteller travel 2021
Storyteller Travel is the home of all the Ecuador content from Gringos Abroad. Merged in March 2021.

What Will Storyteller.Travel Become?

We have lots planned for the site. We still have stories and video to share from our time in Ecuador. But we also want to tell stories from what’s happening right now.

I (Bryan) just got my drone pilot certificate and Dena will be taking the exam soon. We are planning to create aerial travel videos, locally at first. If you want to follow along, subscribe to our Bryan and Dena YouTube channel.

Your Turn

I hope you’ll join us at Storyteller Travel as we continue to share our experiences and travel stories. Have a question or comment? Join me below!

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